Cast of Characters

The Cast So Far, in Alphabetical Order:


The strongest swordsman in the land. Not necessarily the best, just the strongest. Grumblepig is a giant of a man with a furious temper, but he has a sensitive side as well. He is not the swiftest dog on the track, but he is not just a dumb jock, either. He has opinions on international politics and a hidden, tragic past.

Fluvio Shatterwind:

Self proclaimed “Master of the Arcane”. Fluvio is a young man with magical powers. He was hired by a mysterious benefactor in a mysterious mansion to gather a party of strong individuals for an unknown purpose. He is friends with Grumblepig and Roguish Roderick, though the backstory of his relationship is unknown at this time.

Rick Wayne:

A bounty hunter, ranger and master of the Falchion (a kind of curved sword like a large machete). He is blind in one eye, but claims his milky eye has the ability to see peoples’ projections into the spirit realm, giving him insight into their moods and intentions. Lately has been working odd jobs in South Gluehorse as a debt collector for the local mobsters. He has achieved some renown for having a small crossbow mounted on the shoulder of his trenchcoat. Rick self-publishes a conspiracy newsletter called “The Truthe Herald” that gets the word out about government conspiracies he hears from his friends.

Roguish Roderick (alias):

Roguish Roderick is a small-time thief and friend of Fluvio and Grumblepig. Roderick sports a perpetual 5 ‘clock shadow and is missing his left eye. Nobody knows how he lost it except him and he ain’t tellin’. Used to shovel manure for a living before turning to a life of petty crime. He regards himself to be a highly skilled thief, but only time will tell if he can make good on his claims.

Nynalama Tanduri:

Nynalama Tanduri is an inner-city elf with a rough past and a troublemaker attitude. She’s missing half her ear on the left side thanks to outstanding debts with South Gluehorse loan-shark Shifty Fourfingers (legendary for being so ruthless, he cut off his own thumbs when he came up short!). She is a highly accredited professional thief and has won numerous awards in competitive larceny tournaments. Despite her quick hands and skills, cannot hold on to money for very long due to a compulsive gambling problem. She will have a tough time justifying her redundant position as the group’s thief.


2 Responses to Cast of Characters

  1. Hinde Newton says:

    I am a writer and am working on a children’s book with the main character as an angry young pig and his name is Grumblepig, after I started writing I googled the name to make sure it wasn’t already in use and came across your website, do you think there will be any conflicts with me using this name. I came up with it independently and want to see how I should proceed. I’d hate to not use the name and it appears that the characters are extremely different, other than their mutual anger. What are your thoughts?


    • fellstorm says:

      There should be no conflict at all. I hope that when your book is complete that I’ll get a chance to read it : ) Sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been at sea for the past 35 days or so

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