Finally, a Little Action



Nenka’s nose gave a twitch as her hazel eyes exploded open, scanning the tree-line vigorously as her feathery fingers pull back on the string of her intimidating bow.
The other three looked strangely at Nenka’s face and tenaciously back into the trees. Chills crawled up their spines when they heard a gut-wrenching howl off into the distance.
“What the hell is that!?” grunted Grumble as he pulled out his sword. Fluvio tugged at Nenka, “Please what is that Nenka?”

Nenka stayed quiet, Fluvio grew frustrated and blurted out, “By the divine grace answer me!”

Nenka turned towards the group of adventurers, gathering her composure she said, “Something dark and evil swarms the forest! We need to run, now!”

Nynalama shook her head, “What the fuck? We gonna flee when we run into trouble for the first time or what? I didn’t come on this journey to run away from moans and groans…”
Nenka replied shaken, “No, no, this is really bad. I cannot even foresee past the bushes. Please Rick, tell your friends to flee!”
Rick cocked his head back as he studied the horrid face of Nenka. This is extremely rare to see his companion so experienced and yet fearful to the unknown like a cat afraid of water. Nenka’s eyes bounced wildly through the trees as her heart began to race faster as a sound of shattered leaves grew louder.
A man burst out of the bush in front of them, Nenka didn’t hesitate to snap her string. Her arrow zipped through the air and ripped through the man’s chest while he crashed into the grassy floor…
Nynalama walked to the corpse analyzed the body, “Hey, this is one of dem bandits you was talking about Rick… An ugly one might I add.”
Grumble patted Nenka on the shoulder saying gallantly, “Nice shot Nenka, quick shot too!”
Nynalama interrupted the compliment, “eh, I would of landed one in the head with an even faster reaction time…”
Roderick looked towards Rick, “Hey Rick, weren’t there many more of them earlier yesterday?”
Rick pulled out his crossbow and yelled to the group, “More is coming, get ready!”

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