Bandit Trouble

Part 7 by Grugzug

Rick Wayne brushed his grayish white hair out of his face, then his hand over his eyes to block the Sun., as he watched people move in the distance. They had left the city earlier, it was now midday and the city was off in the distance. “Shh.” He said putting his hand in front of Grumblepig who was in front of the rest of the group. “What?” Grumblepig said in his slightly confused voice. “People, over there, I think they are part of the combined bandit allegiance.”
“The combined what?” Fluvio said looking confused.
“The combined bandit allegiance” Rick said growling, “Do you not pay attention to talk.” Rick put a bolt into his crossbow “It was formed by the Bandit Grom, until one of the youngling killed him and became the new king, I believe his name was Los…who cares, in any case its now led by the shadow council unknowingly under the king Goromash.”
“Goromash…..” Grumblepig said as he brought his massive sword down violently. He glared intently at the ground.
“Do you know him?” Rick said one eyebrow raised even though he was blind in both eyes, he could see essences, not the physical plain but the ethereal plane.

Grumblepig looked up “No.” he said viscously
Rick knew he was lying but decided not to continue on about it, he would need their help to kill the scepter that made his eye foggy. He would tell them about it later, they might run off if the journey was just beginning once they heard that this…creature took souls and made it more powerful, hopefully it had not gained that much strength since he last saw it.

“But, yes prepare yourself, I may be wrong but I barely ever am, they won’t see us for a bit longer, and if we avoid them we would have to take the forest path, with giant spiders and forest trolls.”

Nynalama, was just behind them listening to what rick had been saying, “We could always sneak around them, by going through the forest a little then back onto the road.”

Grumblepig glared. Roderick got a hold of himself for once instead of jumping after her.
“Come to pay Grumblepig back have you?”
“No, I don’t have it anymore,”
“Then what’s that in your pocket,” Rick said smirking
Nynalama reached into her pocket, and found a purse filled with gold. “Oh, I guess it’s right here.” She looked confused at Rick.

She handed Grumblepig the purse. “Now, come with my Nynalama,” Rick said walking off away from the group, Nynalama hesitated then noticed the crossbow pointing at her, as if it had eyes of its own, it followed her.

“Come along Nynalama,” Rick said again this time for of a command then a request “Don’t make me ask again.”

She followed along still hesitant. “Why do you want to get away with this group so badly, you have stolen from them twice, you almost put Roderick in community service.” Rick glared with his two bad eyes, “I know about your debts with four fingers, but I don’t care about him, he’s being put out of his misery today anyhow. So your debts are off…debts to him, are off” he corrected himself.

“Now, without your debts would you really want to go with them, and also remember you aren’t going to be using that writ to enter houses.”

“Hmm,” Nynalama tapped her foot, “There may be other bounty hunters after me, not as….respectful of you.”

Rick was not sure if he could tell the others, and he definitely knew not to tell her, but he wished he could. He was one of three of the great bounty hunters that worked for the fallen king, who now was as soulless as a dead rat, he would kill the specter one day and reverse the magic that it cast.

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